Conservation histories on the threatened Malagasy frogs

(I) Mantella aurantiaca

(By Richard Jenkins). The Golden Mantella (Mantella aurantiaca) is a strikingly colored frog that is only found in a few rain forests on the island of Madagascar. This charismatic frog begins its life as an egg laid in damp ground alongside small rain forest ponds before the first rains. (read more)

(II) Mantella cowani: the most threatened amphibian from Madagascar.

(By Nirhy Rabibisoa). The harlequin mantella (Mantella cowani) is a colorful species with red or orange bands on limbs contrasting with black skin, and underside with blue spots. This iconic species is a terrestrial frog inhabiting high plateau streams or wetland moorlands. Like all of Mantella spp., eggs are laid on land and then carried by water during the heavy rain into small streams. (read more)
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