A Conservation Strategy for the Amphibians of Madagascar (ACSAM)

From 18-21 September 2006, a workshop was held in Antananarivo to discuss and decide priorities for amphibian conservation in Madagascar. This initiative, the ACSAM, has since produced several products that are available here. The ACSAM is the national implementation of the global Amphibian Conservation Action Plan ACAP.

Sahonagasy Action Plan. Conservation Programs for the Amphibians of Madagascar

Amphibians and reptiles of Ranomafana National Park posters (2010)

Fieldguide to the amphibians and reptiles of Madagascar. Glaw & Vences (2007) (Malagasy)

Book of Abstracts and program of the 2006 workshop

A Conservation Strategy for the amphibians of Madagascar

Threatened frogs of Madagascar (English)

Ireo Sahona Tandindomi-Doza Eto Madasikara (Malagasy)

Amphibiens menacés de Madagascar (French)

Anfibi minacciati del Madagascar (Italian)

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