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Sahona (in Malagasy a word that means “frog”) and gasy (for “Malagasy”) refers to the amphibians of Madagascar, a fascinating group composed of over 288 described and at least 130 still undescribed species of frogs. Sahanogasy.org is a community website for researchers, conservationists, and amateurs interested in the conservation of Madagascar’s unique amphibian (frog) fauna. It is a site that will provide access to resources such as literature, species accounts, photographs, and sounds for Madagascar’s amphibians. Our intention is to provide some basic information on the conservation of the highly diverse and threatened amphibians of Madagascar. With currently more than 288 species of frogs found only in Madagascar, the island is one of the richest and most diverse “froggy” places in the world. The frogs of Madagascar, however, suffer from a series of threats, including habitat alteration, deforestation, pollution and collection for the pet-trade. In September 2006 a symposium specifically dedicated to the conservation of the Malagasy amphibians was held in Antananarivo, Madagascar. The ACSAM (A Conservation Strategy for the Amphibians of Madagascar) identified several essential measures necessary for promoting the conservation of Malagasy frogs. Among these, education and public awareness play an important role. This booklet, aimed at a wide audience and written in different languages, is intended to show the beauty and importance of these animals, the amphibians, that are disappearing all around the world and are one of the most endangered vertebrates. It is not intended to be an identification manual or a scientific book, although it has been written in a scientific way. We hope that looking at its beautiful photographs the reader will fall in love with the Malagasy frogs, and will help us in their protection.

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On March 2010 Mongabay, one of the world’s most popular environmental science and conservation news sites, publish an interview about the new Sahonagasy website. The complete article: http://news.mongabay.com/2010/0303-hance_sahonagasy.html

A song to protect the peculiar “tomato frog”

Tomato Frog, Dyscophus antongilii

Tomato Frog, Dyscophus antongilii

“Saogongongo” by Augustin Sarovy This song has been kindly provided by Augustin Sarovy and the folk group Antongil Vert. It is a song dedicated to one of the most famous amphibian species of Madagascar, the tomato frog Dyscophus antongilii, named in Malagasy Saogongongo or Saogongogno. This frog is the only species from Madagascar included in CITES Appendix I. Result of this inclusion has been the ban of its commercial trade, which was allowed until the end of the eighties. Surprisingly enough the tomato frog is present in marsh areas around the town of Maroantsetra, in NE Madagascar, especially…within the town! Anyhow, the species appears to be in regression, although we found it also at another locality some hundreds kilometres southwards. For this, we have the project to purchase a private land within Maroantsetra, in order to safeguard the species. The project will be carried out with the local ONG Antongil Conservation, which is coordinated by Augustin Sarovy. The song, written by him, is just dedicated to this species, and represents a new penetration way for the ecological ideas. If the local populations become aware of the importance of frogs (and songs are a good tool for doing this in Madagascar!) it is certain that they will be much more protected. >>>More about the TomatoFrog Project
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